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How's My Driving?

Comments and criticism much appreciated, both on how I'm playing Crane and my general RPing skills. Any pointers and crit are greatly appreciated. :)

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[74] - [Voice]

Inmates, I have a question for you. If you could have a deal like the wardens have to go along with graduation, would that make you more inclined to make an effort?

[Private - Kay, Eddie Nygma and Capa. Plus Iago.]

Considering that I've been informed that I should come to any of you if I have any issues, I thought that I should take advantage of the opportunity. I want to work in the infirmary. Hypothetically only one of you needs to agree, correct?

[This was up for a few minutes, before it's removed. Feel free to have your bro see it.] Never mind, the situation is resolved.

[Additional Private to Eddie.]

Also, I don't suppose you want to help me move something?

[73] - [Voice]

Dr Jonathan Crane. [A pause.] I would be particularly interested in individuals that used to be on the barge, if any of you are out there.

[72] - [Voice]

[Crane sounds somewhat breathless.] Do we still have the capacity to bring people back from the dead? Or are we facing something more permanent? And are there any signs that bites from the faceless creatures cause ill effects?

[Pause.] And after people are finished considering that, I'm pinned down by these things on the second floor, if anyone is willing or able to help.

[Private - Eddie]

Are you still alive? Is your room locked? I like to imagine that you've got a secret cache of weapons, as unlikely as that is. But at the very least, I'm going to need that knife. If only to treat this bite.

[Private - Perry]

Considering how often we talk about alliances, this is a good opportunity to actually act on it.

[70] - [Private, Iago]

I'm not going into doing anything in this port with you. If I did suddenly develop an interest in the various activities that this place offers, which I doubt I would, they would be undertaken with Nygma or Capa. You'll have to find something else to do.
[You can see the inside of Crane’s pocket, and he continues with the same rambling tone.] –decapitated gingerbread man. And I don’t even know what to do with it, because you obviously can’t eat it or keep it. And throwing it off the side of the barge would be crazy.

[Perry sounds more distant and slightly muffled.] Jesus Christ-

[Crane completely ignores Perry.] But you don’t have to worry about any of this, do you? It’s probably not even on your radar. You’re probably not even considering how the faceless people are probably staying near you more than the others, because if they are going to start controlling people they’re obviously going to start with people like you.

[Perry sounds tense when he replies.] Shut up, seriously, just calm down.

[Crane continues without missing a beat.] It’s true though, isn’t it? Whatever this is, if it’s struggling to take physical form it’s going to control us. Maybe that’s what the whistling person is waiting for. It’s waiting for easy targets, people that it can posses. People who don’t even realize how dangerous this is, that these things can’t possibly be benign. Who are willing to let things crawl into their heads. It’s waiting to build up it’s own little army and the Admiral isn’t doing anything to stop it. Why would he do that? It doesn’t even make se-

[Perry sounds clearer, probably because he’s closer.] Shut the fuck up, Crane. [And behold, the glorious sound of Crane being slapped.]

[It takes a second for Crane to regroup.] Dawsey, what- [But before he gets to properly continue, the whistling starts again. There’s a few seconds of just the whistling.]

It sounds like it’s above us. [Crane finally manages to say.]

Shit. [Perry does not sound impressed. Just then, Crane’s journal has a burst of static before turning off.]

[68] - [Video]

[Crane's doing a video post, and you can see that he's leaning against a wall. People who have visited Crane's room before might recognize that it's not his, but other than that it's a rather neutral background.]

Despite the continued door issues, I think it's fairly clear that whatever the Admiral was keeping locked in some rooms has managed to break out to some extent. I keep seeing things in my peripheral vision. Now would be a good time for people with expertise in the area to start doing some studies. It's clearly only a matter of time before they become fully corporeal and start attacking us.

[Has someone done a 180 and started asking magical people for help? Why yes. Yes, he has.]

[Private - Rassilon]

Have you seen these things? Or tried your weapon on them? They might disappear too fast, but it could have the potential to ward them off.

[Private - Arthas]

Are you still having those dreams?

[This would be private to Perry, but the journal has malfunctioned, making it GLORIOUSLY PUBLIC. If a bit staticy.]

I changed my mind. I'll meet. Whatever you've got to say had better be good. Because I swear to god, Dawsey, if you attack me or otherwise stab me in the back, I am going to cut your throat in your sleep. I'm not joking.

[67] - [Voice]

[Public, minus Arthas. :c]

This door issue is becoming quite tiresome. I propose that we put the magic users in zero for a day or so. Given the nature of their powers, if one of them is intentionally or unintentionally causing this, we'd be able to work out who by a process of elimination. And while I'm not pointing fingers, people like Sveta should be the first to be put down there. We don't need an incident like last time to happen again. And if someone is doing this deliberately, please stop. Surely any humor you derived from the practice has faded.

Admiral, if it's you? Just let the monsters all crawl up through the floors. The faster floods are so much easier for everyone to deal with.

[66] - [Video] [Port]

[Port!Crane and Port!Capa appear to be standing in a very large kitchen, finishing off the last notes of a song. There are still small animals flying around polishing things, because that's how cleaning is obviously done. Needless to say, they're both rocking the princess thing. They both look identical, bar clothing and hair color. Crane/Nora looks over to Capa/Dora is currently busy dancing with a mop. It's a talking mop. It's singing.]

Dora, I have heard the most wonderful news! Many travelers have journeyed to the kingdom. Isn't that marvelous. To think, perhaps our troubles would stop.

[After speaking to her sister, Nora pauses for a long second, looking dramatically out the window. Dora stops dancing with the mop to reply, but the mop still continues to dance around the kitchen. Somehow.]

I have seen one! In the market, gathering apples. They should be welcomed. We should have a party!

[Nora nods, solemnly. Parties are very serious business.] Yes, that is quite true. We should get the creatures in the forest to help us clear out father's great hall.

[Dora continues.] Travelers, once you have explored, there will be a celebration in your honor. Tomorrow night! No witches, please.

[Nora adds a bit more.] Or an evil sorcerers, dragons or wizards, unless you promise to behave yourselves.

[They both dash off camera, followed by a flurry of wild animals and a tea set. After a few seconds of silence the mop dances over to the communicator and turns it off.]

[OOC: So, they're the local princesses being princessy. It's not quite clear exactly what they rule, but they do have a big old house. Both Crane (Nora) and her sister (Capa/Dora) will be replying in the comments. It's how they roll.]


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